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The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens. 

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5 Essentials

Based on more than 20 years of research by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research, 5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to drive school improvement in schools nationwide. Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) implemented the 5Essentials School Improvement Survey in all SCPS schools in place of the SCPS Climate Survey that had been used for the previous 20 years. The purpose for using the 5Essentials Survey is to provide information to schools and districts that can be used for school improvement. Eligible survey respondents included all PreK-12 teachers and students in grades 4-12. 5Essentials Reports were generated for schools if their teachers and/or students meet the response rate threshold of 50 percent.


Parents of SCPS students had the opportunity to participate in a Parent Supplemental Survey.  A Parent Supplemental Survey Reports was generated if at least 20 percent of the school’s parents participated in the survey.


The 2015-16 results from both the 5 Essentials School Improvement Survey and the Parent Supplemental Survey are considered baseline information. School leadership teams will utilize this data along with other information to identify and prioritize high-impact needs for strategic planning and problem solving and support the development of the school improvement plan. 

5 Essentials - Executive Reports & Parent Surveys

School Name Executive Summary Parent Survey
High Schools    
Crooms High School Crooms High Executive Summary Crooms High Parent Survey
Hagerty High School Hagerty High Executive Summary
Hagerty High School Parent Survey
Lake Brantley High School Lake Brantley High Executive Summary
Lake Brantley High School Parent Survey
Lake Howell High School Lake Howell High Executive Summary
Lake Howell High School Parent Survey
Lake Mary High School Lake Mary High Executive Summary
Lake Mary High School Parent Survey
Lyman High School Lyman High Executive Summary
Lyman High School Parent Survey
Oviedo High School Oviedo High Executive Summary
Oviedo High School Parent Survey 
Seminole High School Seminole High Executive Summary  Seminole High School Parent Survey
Winter Springs High School Winter Springs High Executive Summary
Winter Springs High School Parent Survey
Middle Schools Executive Summary
 Parent Survey
Chiles Middle School Chiles Middle School Executive Summary
Chiles Middle School Parent Survey
Greenwood Lakes Middle Schools Greenwood Lakes Middle School Executive Summary
Greenwood Lakes Middle Schools Parent Survey
Indian Trials Middle Schools Indian Trials Middle Schools Executive Summary
Indian Trials Middle Schools Parent Survey
Jackson Heights Middle Schools Jackson Heights Middle Schools Executive Summary
Jackson Heights Middle Schools Parent Survey
Markham Woods Middle Schools Markham Woods Middle Schools Executive Summary
Markham Woods Middle Schools Parent Survey
Millennium Middle Schools Millennium Middle Schools Executive Summary
Millennium Middle Schools Parent Survey
Milwee Middle Schools Milwee Middle Schools Executive Summary  Milwee Middle Schools Parent Survey
Rock Lake Middle Schools Rock Lake Middle Schools Executive Summary
Rock Lake Middle Schools Parent Survey
Sanford Middle Schools Sanford Middle Schools Executive Summary  Sanford Middle Schools Parent Survey
South Seminole Middle Schools South Seminole Middle Schools Executive Summary
South Seminole Middle Schools Parent Survey
Teague Middle Schools Teague Middle Schools Executive Summary  Teague Middle Schools Parent Survey
Tuskawilla Middle Schools Tuskawilla Middle Schools Executive Summary
Tuskawilla Middle Schools Parent Survey
Elementary Schools  Executive Summary  Parent Survey
Altamonte Elementary Altamonte Elementary Executive Summary
Altamonte Elementary Parent Survey
Bear Lake ElementaryBear Lake Elementary Executive Summary
Bear Lake Elementary Parent Survey 
Bentley Elementary Bentley Elementary Executive Summary
Bentley Elementary Parent Survey
Carillon Elementary Carillon Elementary Executive Summary
Carillon Elementary Parent Survey
Casselberry Elementary Casselberry Elementary Executive Summary  Casselberry Elementary Parent Survey
Crystal Lake Elementary Crystal Lake Elementary Executive Summary
Crystal Lake Elementary Parent Survey
Eastbrook Elementary Eastbrook Elementary Executive Summary
Eastbrook Elementary Parent Survey
English Estates Elementary English Estates Elementary Executive Summary
English Estates Elementary Parent Survey
Evans Elementary Evans Elementary Executive Summary Evans Elementary Parent Survey
Forest City Elementary Forest City Elementary Executive Summary Forest City Elementary Parent Survey
Geneva Elementary Geneva Elementary Executive Summary
Geneva Elementary Parent Survey
Goldsboro Elementary Goldsboro Elementary Executive Summary Goldsboro Elementary Parent Survey
Hamilton Elementary Hamilton Elementary Executive Summary
Hamilton Elementary Parent Survey
Heathrow Elementary Heathrow Elementary Executive Summary
Heathrow Elementary Parent Survey
Highlands Elementary Highlands Elementary Executive Summary
Highlands Elementary Parent Survey
Idyllwilde Elementary Idyllwilde Elementary Executive Summary Idyllwilde Elementary Parent Survey
Keeth Elementary Keeth Elementary Executive Summary  Keeth Elementary Parent Survey
Lake Mary Elementary Lake Mary Elementary Executive Summary 
Lake Mary Elementary Parent Survey
Lake Orienta Elementary Lake Orienta Elementary Executive Summary 
Lake Orienta Elementary Parent Survey
Lawton Elementary Lawton Elementary Executive Summary 
Lawton Elementary Parent Survey
Layer Elementary Layer Elementary Executive Summary 
Layer Elementary Parent Survey
Midway Elementary Midway Elementary Executive Summary  Midway ElementaryParent Survey
Partin Elementary Partin Elementary Executive Summary 
Partin Elementary Parent Survey
Pine Crest Elementary Pine Crest Elementary Executive Summary 
Pine Crest Elementary Parent Survey
Rainbow Elementary Rainbow Elementary Executive Summary 
Rainbow Elementary Parent Survey
Red Bug Elementary Red Bug Elementary Executive Summary 
Red Bug Elementary Parent Survey
Sabal Pointe Elementary Sabal Pointe Elementary Executive Summary 
Sabal Pointe Elementary Parent Survey
Spring Lake Elementary Spring Lake Elementary Executive Summary 
Spring Lake Elementary Parent Survey
Stenstrom Elementary Stenstrom Elementary Executive Summary 
Stenstrom Elementary Parent Survey
Sterling Park Elementary Sterling Park Elementary Executive Summary 
Sterling Park Elementary Parent Survey
Walker Elementary Walker Elementary Executive Summary 
Walker Elementary Parent Survey
Wekiva Elementary Wekiva Elementary Executive Summary 
Wekiva Elementary Parent Survey
Wicklow Elementary Wicklow Elementary Executive Summary 
Wicklow Elementary Parent Survey
Wilson Elementary Wilson Elementary Executive Summary 
Wilson Elementary Parent Survey
Winter Springs Elementary Winter Springs Elementary Executive Summary 
Winter Springs Elementary Parent Survey
Woodlands Elementary Woodlands Elementary Executive Summary 
Woodlands Elementary Parent Survey