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The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens. 

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Optional Access to Print Instructional Materials

Per state statute, students are given the opportunity to receive their core instructional materials (textbook) in print or digital format. All students are provided access to instructional materials in a digital format, when available.

Middle and High School students and parents have the option of receiving their take-home materials in a print format.

This online request should be used in place of the SCPS print form 1507

If print materials are being requested, complete the information below.

Required - Indicate the reason(s) that print materials are being requested.

Does the student have a "smart" phone that has online/internet capabilities?  

We are requesting our student receive, along with any digital access provided, a print copy of the instructional materials used in their courses.

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